Location: New York, NY

School of Dutchis is ran by Head Coach @dutchisrunway in New York City.  We are all about empowering GIRLS worldwide.

Instagram: @schoolofdutchis

Email: dutchisrunway@gmail.com

Getting Started Acting/Modeling Workshops


Location: Atlanta, GA


At Getting Started, we equip parents with the RIGHT information to get their children started in paid acting and modeling. We focus on educating on how to get an agent, find and book paid jobs, and avoid scams.


Instagram: @gettingstarted101

Website: startactingmodeling.com

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Ontwanet Moran is a passionate born entrepreneur with a heart for empowering others. As a Broker at Virtuity Financial Partners she teaches countless families to educating them on how money works. With financial education not being taught in schools. The importance of being debt free, preparing for the worst case financial scenario, correctly savings & investing for the present and future is what drives Ontwanet. 



She feels a greater fulfillment in her life and aspires to share this feeling with others. She takes pride in showing and teaching families, that they too can be financially independent. 




Instagram: @ontwanet

Website: Schedule a Consultation


Location: Atlanta, GA


Instagram: @dancefxatlanta

 Website: dancefx.org/atlanta

Location: Atlanta, GA


Rachel O’Hara graduated with her BFA from New World School of the Arts, an arts conservatory that is supported by the University of Florida. She has also studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and continues to take classes at Nick Conti’s Professional Actors Studio herself. She has been working with kids/teens since high school and loves sharing the craft of acting! 



Instagram: @professional_actorsstudio

Instagram: @msrachel01


Website: proactorsstudio.com

Location: Atlanta, GA

Monique Johnson is a social media strategy leader & personal branding expert (emphasis on using video) with 8+ years experience working in-house for major tech and digital media. She has been featured on Small Business Trends, Animoto, Social Media Marketing World, Hubspot’s INBOUND Conference, and more.

Currently, she leads strategy at her social media & video marketing agency (LIVE Video Lab) for major brands (B2B and B2C) and Fortune 500 C-level executives. In addition, she also serves on the Advisory Board Member of BizSugar.com – providing support and leadership to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to grow their business online.

Instagram: @moniquevideo

Facebook: @moniqueojohnson

Location: Atlanta, GA



Rey Sunshine 14 yr old entrepreneurs and entertainer. Rey Sunshine is the owner of Elements Studios ATL. Which houses a dance studio, recording studio, photo studio along with a glam room and tik tok room. As an entertainer Rey Sunshine writes her own music as well as choreography her dance routines. Rey Sunshine is a singer, dancer, model, and actress.



Instagram: @reysunshine

Facebook: Rey Sunshine 

Posing 101 with OnLaVe Signature Productions

Location: Los Angeles, CA


OnLaVe Signature Productions is a boutique fashion event production and consulting group based in Los Angeles.  We take a strategic and creative approach to each project to ensure our clients’ vision shines through at every step. Our consulting services include industry education, runway choreography, model training and development, event production, hosting and mentoring.  



In 2010, while modeling and working production for a fashion entertainment group, Co-Founders Ontwanet Moran, Alana Smith and Lauren Venise quickly  realized that their shared passion and individual strengths would make for a powerful partnership and OnLaVe was formed.



OnLaVe delivers seamless results by weaving our clients’ brand into a distinguished and memorable production while collaborating with top creatives and talents in the fashion, beauty, and entertainment industries.  Our aim is to celebrate the diversity of the fashion industry and inspire a generation of fashion lovers.


Instagram: @on.la.ve

Website: www.Onlave.net