Rey Sunshine



Rey Sunshine 14 yr old entrepreneurs and entertainer. Rey Sunshine is the owner of Elements Studios ATL. Which houses a dance studio, recording studio, photo studio along with a glam room and tik tok room. As an entertainer Rey Sunshine writes her own music as well as choreography her dance routines. Rey Sunshine is a singer, dancer, model, and actress.


Instagram: @reysunshine

Youtube: Rey Sunshine

JoJo Redd

Hi my name is JojoRedd I’m 7yrs old I’ll be seven in couple weeks. My favorite things to do is: play with my toys, play roadblocks and hang with my brothers and sister. I love to rap and entertain.I’ve done some runway modeling. I’ve been in pageants and actually won 2019 afrolicous Queen. I started my own business called JojoRedd Tips. Where I make and sale nail polishes.


With the help of my family. I love to cook with my parents the kitchen. Frying fish with mommy and making breakfast with daddy is my fav. When I’m not rocking the stage my favorite school subject is Science. Plus I really love recess. I don’t like bullying I believe that everyone should love themselves and each other. 

That’s who I am


Instagram: @jojoredd33

Website: www.jojosredd.com


Kaci The Model




Kaci Houston aka Kacithemodel is 9 years old.. Kaci is a kids Fashion model, Rapper and singer as well as the CEO of @koloursbykacithemodel (kolour braiding hair) and @kacithemodel_ent the Creation station for kids and the land of the Future.

Instagram: @kacithemodel

Facebook: @kacithemodel

Universal Sound 4 All

The Great Adventures Of DJ Face


Instagram: @thereadldjface

For bookings, email universalsound4all@gmail.com

Da Millennium

Singers, Dancers, Actors, Models and always 🔥 🔥 🔥


Instagram: @da_millennium_


Royal Z

Royal Z is a 6 year old music artist. Her birth name is Zariah Willis. She loves to sing, dance, perform, act, and model. She absolutely loves her fans. This humble child started her career at the age of 2 with MiniBoss Entertainment through modeling. Now, she is exploring the world of music. Royal Z first single is Woah My Bow which is a song about her favorite bow, her diamond bow. Her diamond bow is a symbol of success and her pushing to shine like a star, or as what her fans would say a DIAMOND.

She loves bows, as well as fashion, and animals. Royal Z second single is called Run It Up Like A Cheetah. Run It Up Like A Cheetah is a fun song that feature her cousins Marcel and Javon which they are know as The Engineer Kids. This song is about running toward your goals and being successful as fast as your can. This can mean run up your Financial Status, run up your social media views and likes, run up your future goals. It can symbolize anything positive in your life. Just believe!

Instagram: @Dear_zariah

Website: bowsbyroyalz.com